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Mar 31 10

JobsOnline – A Facebook Application to Check Latest Freelance Jobs on Facebook

by JobLance

We recently developed a facebook application to show latest freelance jobs from Joblance.inFo inside Facebook. This helps facebook users check freelance online jobs without leaving facebook. We named this app as “JobsOnline – Latest Freelance Jobs“. Here is the URL of the application:

JobsOnline lists latest 100 jobs and projects from JobLance.inFo. It shares the same database as JobLance.inFo – so there is no delay in deploying jobs to Facebook. The application is very simple and user friendly. You can filter the jobs by a source. Job sources are aligned in this order – GAF, oDesk, ScriptLance, GAC, EUFreelance, PHPClasses, LinkedIn.

A brief of the job information is shown with each post. There are other several options associated with each post to view (1) job details, (2) similar jobs, (3) jobs from the same source,  (4) latest job feeds and there are some more links to get more information about the job.

We are working to bring online jobs to the job seekers in many ways. We will share more in the future.


Mar 22 10

Some Helpful Tips for New Freelancers to Build Successful Freelancing Career

by JobLance

This post is intended for people those who are thinking to start freelancing or their own business online. Internet is the biggest place to build a successful career if you can use it properly. New freelancers often face problems in their beginning – more than 70% of them can not continue after trying few months. This happens when someone can not start with good preparation and strategies. In this article, we tried to give some helpful tips from our freelancing experiences.

1. Decide your target market and learn cutting-edge technologies on that. For example – if you target to develop e-commerce applications, learn which e-commerce platforms/frameworks are being used most and why.

2. Practice the most popular platforms/frameworks and build plug-and-play modules for them.

3. Publish your demos to the web – may be write blogs regularly about those demos.

4. Create account in the best freelancing sites, check which type of projects are repeating most. Make a list for the most commons and prepare demos for them before you place your bid.

5. When you have a good number of demos, you can start bidding. Initially, put small amount in your bid. Send the buyer a private message with your demo link. Don’t forget to mention that this is just a demo – I can adjust it to fulfill your requirements.

6. While bidding – NEVER use preformatted message texts to freelance projects

7. Answer the projects description in detail – show demos in similar field NOT everything

8. You will get your first work very soon – take escrow before starting the work – then start concentrating on building a long term relationship with the clients by showing good performances.

9. Make sure you are clear enough with requirements and payment amount before you agree to do any project. This helps you avoid future complications regarding work volume.

10. Don’t ask for a payment release before finishing the project. Don’t be needy and weepy.

11. At the end of the project, suggest the client some good features that might be helpful for his website. May be you can give some already-developed code as bonus at this point. For example, a discussion board system with an e-commerce application project can be given to the client as a bonus code. Discussion board is an important addition to any website.

12. Be regular at your work so your clients know the time you are available to reach.

13. Always be communicative with your clients. Be social with them – say a hi, how are you, exchange greetings, etc. If a serious problem at your end might delay the delivery, let the client know that before. This can avoid a misunderstanding with the clients.

14. Consider that first projects often lead to longer relations. Buyers want to find reliable freelancers – not go through the hassle of learning a new freelancers techniques. Look after your clients and they will come back time and time again!

Hope this helps. We will share more in the future. Please leave your valuable comments.


Mar 21 10

Check JobLance.inFo Latest Jobs by Keyword

by JobLance

Today we have added a new feature to Joblance.inFo which facilitates RSS Feeds for your search. Now, you can even follow updates on your search results performed by preferred keyword. For example, I am looking for “drupal” jobs and performed a search in the site which returned me a list of results that match to the keyword “drupal”. Now, with the new search feed feature, the result set is also available as an RSS feed which updates itself in every 20 minutes.

Here is the easy process:
1. From any page of JobLance.inFo, put your search keyword in the search box and hit “Go” button.

2. You will see a set of results (if available). Look at the top of results – an RSS link should appear which reads “Get RSS Feed”.

3. Click the “Get RSS Feed” link and see the RSS feed for your search keyword.

4. Place the feed link to your feed reader (example:,, etc.). The feed
updates itself in every 20 minutes. So, your feed reader should show you updated data in every 20 minutes or so. Whenever a new job/project gets posted to JobLance.inFo, your reader will get updates of that job within 20 minutes.

Hope this helps.


Mar 14 10

LinkedIn Jobs at JobLance.inFo

by JobLance

Today we have integrated LinkedIn Jobs at JobLance.inFo. LinkedIn is the best place for the professional people around the globe. World famous companies post their jobs to LinkedIn. That’s why we always wanted to integrate LinkedIn Jobs to our job lists. We are glad that it happened today. Now, you can find jobs from LinkedIn – we believe this will help job seekers who are using JobLance.inFo as their job searching media.

You can find the LinkedIn Jobs here:

RSS feed for LinkedIn jobs can be found here:

Anyway, this addition was done as part of our regular business expansion. We are going to add more job sources at JobLance.inFo very soon. With those upcoming sources, JobLance.inFo will become even better than any other job sources in the globe. Our target is simple – and that is – we want to make your job searching life easier.


Mar 14 10

Follow Us on Twitter

by JobLance

Twitter has been a great way to stay updated and keep others updated with latest activities. As we have quite a few type of jobs in JobLance.inFo, we have created a few twitter accounts to provide category-wise job tweets to the job seekers. – For general updates – For latest jobs from popular categories – For latest content management (CMS) jobs – For latest joomla jobs – For latest search engine optimization (SEO) jobs – For latest CSS jobs

These are the twitter accounts – you may follow one or more as per your need. But we actually need to create many more accounts based on popular categories. We will keep you updated.

Stay with us.


Mar 11 10

Find Latest Online Jobs Together

by JobLance

To find all desired online job information together, visit Joblance.inFo today. We have many job sources and categories – you can get updates of your desired ones. We have a big job database of all kind of jobs. There are contract jobs, full-time jobs, part time jobs and some special kind of jobs.

If you want to find your preferred job category quickly, then visit the Job Categories first. Or if you want to find your preferred job feeds quickly, then visit our Job Feeds first.

We are working to enhance the job services by adding more sources and filters.

We will share more soon.


Mar 11 10

JobLance Latest Job Feeds

by JobLance

Our “RSS Feeds” page provides latest, popular, featured and category-wise job feeds from our website. Please visit and subscribe to your preferred job feed:

We have also added our latest feed to feedburner:

You can also subscribe to our email feeds.

Some top feeds:

Latest Jobs –

Featured Jobs –

Popular Jobs –

GetAFreelancer (GAF) Jobs –

ScriptLance Jobs –

GetACoder (GAC) Jobs –

oDesk Jobs –

.Net Jobs –

PHP Jobs –

Data Entry Jobs –

Website Design Jobs –

Joomla Jobs –

SEO Jobs –

Hope this helps the job seekers.


Mar 11 10

JobLance.inFo – One Stop 24/7 Freelance Online Job Updates

by JobLance

JobLance.inFo is a free web service for people those who are looking for freelance jobs and projects online. JobLance.inFo aggregates online job information from all popular and possible sources. Our primary goal is to make the job searching life easier for millions online job seekers around the globe. All kind of freelancers and job seekers looking for jobs in multiple job sources can use this website to see their desired jobs in one place.

JobLance.inFo collects jobs from popular job sources like GetAFreelancer, ScriptLance, GetACoder, oDesk, PHPClasses, EUFreelance, etc. and lists them in appropriate job categories. We have job source filtering option which helps job seekers find their desired jobs quickly. We provide a featured list to show jobs that were listed as featured in their original source. We also provide another list named as “Popular Jobs” to list recent jobs that were viewed most by our visitors.

In JobLance.inFo, suitable jobs can be found putting relevant keywords in the search form. You can then save the search and let other know about your search.

We provide social links beside/with each job so you can share a job with your friends in social networking websites.

JobLance.inFo shares latest job information using multiple RSS Feeds: 1) Latest job feeds, 2) Popular job feeds, 3) Featured job feeds, 4) Job feeds by source and 5) Job feeds by category.

Please visit JobLance.inFo today and find your suitable online job information altogether in one place.