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Some Helpful Tips for New Freelancers to Build Successful Freelancing Career

by JobLance on March 22nd, 2010

This post is intended for people those who are thinking to start freelancing or their own business online. Internet is the biggest place to build a successful career if you can use it properly. New freelancers often face problems in their beginning – more than 70% of them can not continue after trying few months. This happens when someone can not start with good preparation and strategies. In this article, we tried to give some helpful tips from our freelancing experiences.

1. Decide your target market and learn cutting-edge technologies on that. For example – if you target to develop e-commerce applications, learn which e-commerce platforms/frameworks are being used most and why.

2. Practice the most popular platforms/frameworks and build plug-and-play modules for them.

3. Publish your demos to the web – may be write blogs regularly about those demos.

4. Create account in the best freelancing sites, check which type of projects are repeating most. Make a list for the most commons and prepare demos for them before you place your bid.

5. When you have a good number of demos, you can start bidding. Initially, put small amount in your bid. Send the buyer a private message with your demo link. Don’t forget to mention that this is just a demo – I can adjust it to fulfill your requirements.

6. While bidding – NEVER use preformatted message texts to freelance projects

7. Answer the projects description in detail – show demos in similar field NOT everything

8. You will get your first work very soon – take escrow before starting the work – then start concentrating on building a long term relationship with the clients by showing good performances.

9. Make sure you are clear enough with requirements and payment amount before you agree to do any project. This helps you avoid future complications regarding work volume.

10. Don’t ask for a payment release before finishing the project. Don’t be needy and weepy.

11. At the end of the project, suggest the client some good features that might be helpful for his website. May be you can give some already-developed code as bonus at this point. For example, a discussion board system with an e-commerce application project can be given to the client as a bonus code. Discussion board is an important addition to any website.

12. Be regular at your work so your clients know the time you are available to reach.

13. Always be communicative with your clients. Be social with them – say a hi, how are you, exchange greetings, etc. If a serious problem at your end might delay the delivery, let the client know that before. This can avoid a misunderstanding with the clients.

14. Consider that first projects often lead to longer relations. Buyers want to find reliable freelancers – not go through the hassle of learning a new freelancers techniques. Look after your clients and they will come back time and time again!

Hope this helps. We will share more in the future. Please leave your valuable comments.


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  1. This nice tips for beginner coder.
    Thanks Rupom vahia.


  2. This is really very interesting & helpful for those who has just started freelancing or planning to dive into this career.

    Like to add one more point which might be useful:
    –You should have your pricing little down initially & don’t say no to low budget work. And when you’ve some good feedback & good rating on your profile, then you can increase your price.

  3. Nice post Rupom vai

  4. It might be really helpful for all freelancers. A freelancer can learn how to do better in freelancing from this article.


  5. @rupom bhai : nice to share all tips and techniques for freelancing. I really like your #10 and #11 point.But i want to share my personal opinion for freelancing :

    1) Unless if you are not self motivated , you do not start your carrier as a freelancer. Start within a company to expand your knowledge and then move to freelance.

    2) When you do freelance , this very hard to get full project. You do not get the very big project and you do not used to with full software life cycle system . So try to make some open source project.

    3) Definitely freelancing help you to make all rounder , but you will not become a well team member.

  6. Sujit Roy permalink

    Very helpful article for a new freelancer. I liked this post.

  7. Ali Azam permalink

    This is really a nice tips for freelancing beginners.

    thnks rupom….

  8. Thanks , it is really very good and encouraging tips………….

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