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Online Job Search Techniques

by JobLance on September 6th, 2010

Are you a job seeker and have failed to find the right job? Are you tired of ‘apply, apply, no reply’ status, then it is about time to check out the methods that you are adopting to find the job.

The below mentioned tips will help you in finding jobs that are best suitable for you:

  • Your Resume: Your resume is the most important document while searching for a job. You need to mention your email address, when you will be available online, your strengths should be clearly mentioned.  It should also mention your educational background, your experience etc.

Instead of simply saying I have done so and so project, try to highlight your contribution in the project. Include examples of previous works if possible.

In the zeal of displaying the best of you, don’t over do. Your recruiters don’t have time to read pages and pages about you. So, keep it short and sweet.

  • Job Sites: Register yourself at various job sites. Create your profile at social networking sites such as LinkedIn, CVVisual, etc. One thing that most job seekers overlook is that keep your social profile separate from your business profile. If possible, maintain two separate profiles. Your recruiters are not interested in what you had for lunch, so cut the crap, and give only information pertaining to the job.
  • Finding Jobs: Surf the job sites every day, and apply only for those jobs where your skills fit in. There are several websites offering online jobs. But if you want to get all the information at one place, then the ideal place for you is to go JobLance.inFo. Here, you will find all the jobs from different job sources, all put in one place. You can now find the job that best suits you.
  • Read Carefully: Each recruiter has different demands from the applicant. So, read carefully the requirements of each job. If the recruiter wants a specific skill set that you have, then, try to highlight the same in your resume, before applying. So, instead of having a standard, “one size, fits all” resume, try to modify the resume slightly, as per the needs of the recruiter. Now, here, it is not suggested that you include fake things in your resume. That’s a strict no-no. What is suggested here is, take for example, if you have experience in PHP, HTML, Dreamweaver and Photoshop, and the job needs people proficient in Dreamweaver, then, you need to modify your CV and bring your Dreamweaver experience at the top, also, you may include samples of previous work done in Dreamweaver.
  • Using Keywords: The recruiters generally shortlist CVs based on certain keywords. You need to understand what keywords are used particularly in your field, and try to incorporate them in your CV.
  • Be Prompt: Most of the recruiters select a candidate in a day or two after advertising the job. So be prompt in applying for the job.
  • Payout: Do not expect a high payout initially. Online job market is quite competitive, and is flooded with great talent. So, if you want to be in the market, ask for a reasonable rate, and you will see, it will help in getting jobs quickly.

Stay in touch. We will get back with more tips and suggestions.

The JobLance Team

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  1. Eric James - permalink

    I recommend this site to my students at the LAB…Many are learning to build websites and look for oppty to build resume. It’s great to have resources to recommend when I don’t have the extra time to cover everything ;-) Thanks! E

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