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How to increase online job opportunities?

by JobLance on June 15th, 2015

Increasing job opportunity online is not always that easy. It takes lots of patience and hard work. But, it goes without saying that to increase your chances of getting new job, you will need to follow some steps. Having a website, a dynamite portfolio to impress your potential employer or your client if you are self-employed, regular blog writing, be active on social networks etc. are some basic principles. But what is the best way to do this? There are several ways, but first let’s look at what a portfolio is and why it’s important.


A portfolio is an assembled collection of your completed works. It is basically a highlight reel of your career and showcases what you have done and can show what you’re capable of. There are many different ways in which a portfolio can be developed. Designing and building a professional portfolio is a powerful means of plan enhancing and reviewing practice. Here are some of the benefits of producing a professional portfolio identified by participants on different professional development programs. Developing the portfolio may boost up these facts below.

  • Create a sense of achievement
  • Build self-confidence
  • Is an opportunity to conduct an in-depth self-evaluation
  • Develop skills of reflection
  • Develop greater awareness of the context
  • Make someone think about where he wants to go and what he needs to develop
  • Strengthen understanding of one’s development as a practitioner
  • Creates a sense of his own journey as a professional
  • Allows someone to become more critical
  • Helps someone know and be confident about his strengths
  • Enables someone to think about his practice and ways he can develop this.

Have a Website:

Having just a portfolio but not a website is like a car without a driver. You need to be more smart and enthusiastic with your work. And it goes without saying, but being active on all these websites without having an actual website with your portfolio is just sad. Your own piece of website can explain more about you. It not only carry your portfolio, your career details but also shows your talent, skills and the way of your work. It makes you more passionate and good impression on your client.

Get Testimonials:

Another most important thing is client reviews. One often overlooked aspect of any portfolio is the testimonials or client reviews. If you have worked before don’t forget to get the reviews from your clients. It may be a simple sentence or just a word but it is very important. It helps employers to have a clean understanding of your wok and they get back to you if satisfied with the reviews. A good review draws the attention of employer. It makes the portfolio more precious.

Write Regularly:

What is better to describe yourself than writing blogs? Writing informative blogs may contribute in establishing your career. Nowadays blog writing has become more effective and innovative way of increasing career opportunities. A successful blog or an article can establish yourself as an expert and get thousands of people to pay attention to you and make you feel like never before. Just try to make up your time, write regularly and most importantly select the informative and good issues.

Be active on social networks:

Social network sites are very powerful media to interact with the people. Through this regular check out you can actually socialize with people. It not only enhance your popularity but also opens a vast aspect of online job opportunities. You can get up to date with newer job, can apply them, help more and more people and get profited. But just don’t get into buffering for no reason, use your time in actually some meaningful works.

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