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Jun 15 15

How to increase online job opportunities?

by JobLance

Increasing job opportunity online is not always that easy. It takes lots of patience and hard work. But, it goes without saying that to increase your chances of getting new job, you will need to follow some steps. Having a website, a dynamite portfolio to impress your potential employer or your client if you are self-employed, regular blog writing, be active on social networks etc. are some basic principles. But what is the best way to do this? There are several ways, but first let’s look at what a portfolio is and why it’s important.


A portfolio is an assembled collection of your completed works. It is basically a highlight reel of your career and showcases what you have done and can show what you’re capable of. There are many different ways in which a portfolio can be developed. Designing and building a professional portfolio is a powerful means of plan enhancing and reviewing practice. Here are some of the benefits of producing a professional portfolio identified by participants on different professional development programs. Developing the portfolio may boost up these facts below.

  • Create a sense of achievement
  • Build self-confidence
  • Is an opportunity to conduct an in-depth self-evaluation
  • Develop skills of reflection
  • Develop greater awareness of the context
  • Make someone think about where he wants to go and what he needs to develop
  • Strengthen understanding of one’s development as a practitioner
  • Creates a sense of his own journey as a professional
  • Allows someone to become more critical
  • Helps someone know and be confident about his strengths
  • Enables someone to think about his practice and ways he can develop this.

Have a Website:

Having just a portfolio but not a website is like a car without a driver. You need to be more smart and enthusiastic with your work. And it goes without saying, but being active on all these websites without having an actual website with your portfolio is just sad. Your own piece of website can explain more about you. It not only carry your portfolio, your career details but also shows your talent, skills and the way of your work. It makes you more passionate and good impression on your client.

Get Testimonials:

Another most important thing is client reviews. One often overlooked aspect of any portfolio is the testimonials or client reviews. If you have worked before don’t forget to get the reviews from your clients. It may be a simple sentence or just a word but it is very important. It helps employers to have a clean understanding of your wok and they get back to you if satisfied with the reviews. A good review draws the attention of employer. It makes the portfolio more precious.

Write Regularly:

What is better to describe yourself than writing blogs? Writing informative blogs may contribute in establishing your career. Nowadays blog writing has become more effective and innovative way of increasing career opportunities. A successful blog or an article can establish yourself as an expert and get thousands of people to pay attention to you and make you feel like never before. Just try to make up your time, write regularly and most importantly select the informative and good issues.

Be active on social networks:

Social network sites are very powerful media to interact with the people. Through this regular check out you can actually socialize with people. It not only enhance your popularity but also opens a vast aspect of online job opportunities. You can get up to date with newer job, can apply them, help more and more people and get profited. But just don’t get into buffering for no reason, use your time in actually some meaningful works.

May 2 15

How to select freelancing jobs from many opportunities

by JobLance

One can build up his own career as a freelancer , but it is very important to choose the best field suited for you. Before starting you must understand freelancing is a long term process, you have to be patient. To have a successful freelancing career you must select the right job at the right time. Here is some points needed to be focused on.

  • Skills: Whatever is the type of the job be sure you are skilled. Being passionate is not the only step, you must know and understand the job type, the demand of the client, all the possibilities of a specific task. You may develop your skills through training, personal experience, education etc. But for the first time when you try something new, study and learn about the subject. After having a fully clear conception you can start your work. But make sure when you select a job you are skilled enough, otherwise you won’t be able to solve the problems that may arise. So, be patient and choose the relavent job according to your skill.
  • Passionate about the job: Among varieties of opportunities select the specific one you are more passionate about. Sometimes, we select to do job that seems to be very interesting and can make more money, but be careful. Don’t choose anything at a glance, it may not be right for your future career. Take your time and think if you can do the job properly and can finish it in given time, also keep it in mind if its helpful in building your career. Whatever you choose just be passionate about it, give it your best; Only then you can go ahead.
  • Client history: Another most important thing is that, before selecting or starting a job research on client history. Have you work for him before? What kind of job he usually offer? How much he spent over a project? How is your relationship with your client or co-partner? Previos work history, feedback from the employers who worked for him, with whom you’ll feel comfortable to work with etc. Check all the above things and make your decision.
  • Time: Another important thing is time. Always try to finish your task within given time. It’s really important. Completing job within time leaves very good impression on your clients and co-partners. And if you are very efficient then you can choose more than one job to do at a time, but you must have a plan to finish all of them within there given time limit. So, before start make the summery of the job and plan the time period.

Finally, a bright freelancing career very much depends upon the selection of the right job when it comes. Try to select job that has a continuity and provide long term business career. Just take your time and choose your best option.

Oct 6 12

New Job Source Elance Added at JobLance

by JobLance

We recently added Elance jobs / project with our existing ones. There is no doubt that Elance is another great source of freelance jobs online. You can now check all latest Elance jobs & projects as soon they are posted in the main source.

Here is a few helpful links for this new job source: – Elance jobs and projects – RSS Feed for Elance jobs and projects

We are going to add some more job sources soon.

Oct 22 10

Online Jobs: What Precautions Should You Take?

by JobLance

Internet has opened up vast employment opportunities for all. With little or no experience, no technical skills, or any special talent, you can cross all the geographical barriers, and work for a company located in the other corner of the world, sitting at your home.

You need no or little investment, and if you have it in you, there’ll be no shortage of work for you ever.

However, this world is made of all kinds of people, and some will try to take undue, unethical advantage of you, and make even not pay your dues. Well, this does happen, and online jobs have earned a bad name. But let me tell you, just because there are a few dead fish in the pond, you can’t blame all the fishes.

So, lets take a look at what precautions you should take when you work online:

Ø  Do a thorough reading of the project/company: Don’t just place a bid, when you see one. Check out the details of the buyer. If it is a regular employment, ask the buyer for his address and phone number. It would be better if you ask for a weekly payment initially, to safe guard your interests.

Ø  If it is a short term project, check the reviews of the buyer. Take a look at what others have to say about the buyer. However, don’t take a bad review at face value.

Ø  Insist on escrow: Always insist on having an escrow created for your safety. If the project is very large, and the buyer is reluctant to create escrow for the entire amount, which is valid, ask for escrow in fraction, say 25% or 50%, and when you have completed that much work in terms of money, ask for escrow for the balance amount.

Ø  Never give your email id to the buyer: In order to evade the job site’s fees, some buyers ask for your email id and try to contact you directly. Never entertain such buyers, because if they can evade the jobsite’s fees, they might not pay you as well.

Ø  Know yourself: In order to get work, some job seekers over estimate themselves. They undertake work, even when they know that they are not capable of handling it, or they commit unrealistic time frames. While committing a time frame, always have a day or two as cushion. There may be unforeseen problems, or other delays due to factors beyond your control. So, always keep some buffer time while quoting.

Ø  Have positive attitude: Maintain a positive attitude while accepting work. You may have to start on a low salary or payment. But take it as a stepping stone. Never give lame excuses. If you are unable to meet a deadline, or have some problem related to work, come out upfront. The buyers are humans too, and if you maintain a straight forward attitude, they will give you due consideration.

In addition to the above precautions, right frame of mind, integrity, honesty and willingness to work hard are all you need to be successful.

Sep 12 10

How to Succeed in Online Writing Jobs?

by JobLance

Internet has opened up vast ocean of opportunities for people who want to work from home like moms, retired personnel, and even for people who want to earn some extra income in their free time, for example, students.

One of the most popular online jobs is that of content writer. Content writers are needed for various jobs such as article marketing, press releases, sales copies, for writing auto responder emails, to write product descriptions, reviews, business reports, proposals, etc. Thus, if you have a flair for writing, then you can transform your passion in to money making opportunity.

Well, if you have decided to foray in to creative writing to make money, here are some quick tips for you:

  • Finding Writing jobs: There are several freelancing sites which offer job opportunities to writers. Some of these include GetAFreelancer (, and ScriptLance. These are free sites, and you need to pay a percentage as fees, only when you are allotted a project. Register with these sites, and do create your profile, where in you give details about yourself, your background, create a portfolio, where you can give samples of your previous work done.

Now, it may be time consuming to visit all the sites that you have registered with to find the relevant job. So, instead of going to various sites, simply visit JobLance.inFo, and you can glance at jobs published in various sites at one go.

  • There’s no substitute to hard work. You may have to learn new things if you want to succeed. You may also need to spend some time doing research so as to do full justice to task at end. But, believe me, its worth it, because that is the only way to succeed.
  • Learn new technologies: There are several projects where the buyer demands that you do the writing as well as submit it to article directories, or that you need to post it in WordPress blog. A few buyers may ask you to use Google Adwords to understand keywords in use. So, try to learn new techniques. This will help you to be in the market. Remember, a little extra effort on your part will turn in to a huge payout at a later date.
  • Give quality: Always insist on giving quality to your buyers. If you give quality to the buyers, chances are they will want to hire your services for longer duration, and may even not mind to pay you more.
  • Be creative: Be imaginative and use your own experience to add flavor to the article you write. Add your personal touch, your magic to your articles. Do not resort to simply change few words here and there.
  • Last but certainly not the least, people of varying caliber and educational background use Internet to find information. So, let your articles be simple and easy to understand. It should have a free flowing style to engage the readers’ attention, and be free from technical mumbo jumbo.

If you can follow the above tips, then success is sure to come your way!

Sep 6 10

Online Job Search Techniques

by JobLance

Are you a job seeker and have failed to find the right job? Are you tired of ‘apply, apply, no reply’ status, then it is about time to check out the methods that you are adopting to find the job.

The below mentioned tips will help you in finding jobs that are best suitable for you:

  • Your Resume: Your resume is the most important document while searching for a job. You need to mention your email address, when you will be available online, your strengths should be clearly mentioned.  It should also mention your educational background, your experience etc.

Instead of simply saying I have done so and so project, try to highlight your contribution in the project. Include examples of previous works if possible.

In the zeal of displaying the best of you, don’t over do. Your recruiters don’t have time to read pages and pages about you. So, keep it short and sweet.

  • Job Sites: Register yourself at various job sites. Create your profile at social networking sites such as LinkedIn, CVVisual, etc. One thing that most job seekers overlook is that keep your social profile separate from your business profile. If possible, maintain two separate profiles. Your recruiters are not interested in what you had for lunch, so cut the crap, and give only information pertaining to the job.
  • Finding Jobs: Surf the job sites every day, and apply only for those jobs where your skills fit in. There are several websites offering online jobs. But if you want to get all the information at one place, then the ideal place for you is to go JobLance.inFo. Here, you will find all the jobs from different job sources, all put in one place. You can now find the job that best suits you.
  • Read Carefully: Each recruiter has different demands from the applicant. So, read carefully the requirements of each job. If the recruiter wants a specific skill set that you have, then, try to highlight the same in your resume, before applying. So, instead of having a standard, “one size, fits all” resume, try to modify the resume slightly, as per the needs of the recruiter. Now, here, it is not suggested that you include fake things in your resume. That’s a strict no-no. What is suggested here is, take for example, if you have experience in PHP, HTML, Dreamweaver and Photoshop, and the job needs people proficient in Dreamweaver, then, you need to modify your CV and bring your Dreamweaver experience at the top, also, you may include samples of previous work done in Dreamweaver.
  • Using Keywords: The recruiters generally shortlist CVs based on certain keywords. You need to understand what keywords are used particularly in your field, and try to incorporate them in your CV.
  • Be Prompt: Most of the recruiters select a candidate in a day or two after advertising the job. So be prompt in applying for the job.
  • Payout: Do not expect a high payout initially. Online job market is quite competitive, and is flooded with great talent. So, if you want to be in the market, ask for a reasonable rate, and you will see, it will help in getting jobs quickly.

Stay in touch. We will get back with more tips and suggestions.

The JobLance Team

Sep 5 10

Online Job Trends – How to Prepare Yourself

by JobLance

The year 2010 brought about significant changes in the online jobs. As the world was just trying to stand up on its feet once again, after the economy headed south in 2009, online job industry brought new hopes in to the lives of many.

If you are at the beginning of your career, or are trying to find an alternative job, then the best place to do so is at JobLance. The reason is, it is one place where you can find online jobs advertised across the world. But, before you engage in job hunting, you need to know the current trends in online jobs.

Earlier, it was widely believed that online jobs are only for the techie guys. People thought that online jobs meant knowing how to create website, and uploading data, or at the most writing articles. However, in the last few years, the trend has completely changed.

Even if you are not so sound technically or have no technical background, you can learn new technology with ease. For example, there is widespread demand for programmers with knowledge of Dreamweaver, WordPress, Joomla, PHP, etc. Now, you can take up an online course to learn these, or you can also surf YouTube and search for the related topic. You will find tens of hundreds of videos that will teach you the course for free.

Creating Videos:
Until a few years back, sales page was all about writing. This has now given way to videos. As a result, there is a great demand for the jobs that need creating, editing videos.

Content Writing:
If you have a flair for creative writing, then you can use your time to create contents for websites. Surf through JobLance and you will find that sites like Scriptlance, Odesk, Getafreelancer are regularly publishing jobs for content writers. There are several jobs that a content writer can do- Press releases, sales copy, simple article writing, business reports, etc.

Data Entry Jobs:
Many companies outsource their data entry work and are on the look out for people who can work with accuracy. This work is fairly simple and requires no technical or other knowledge. If you can read and write English, then you can take up data entry jobs.

As more and more videos are put up on the Internet, there is increasing demand for people to transcribe the videos in to text documents.

Keep Your Self Abreast with latest technology:
Just a decade ago, people relied on newspapers and recruitment agencies for job hunting. The scenario completely changed with the advent of Internet. With the increasing influence of the social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc, it has opened the floodgates of opportunities for job seekers.

JobLance serves as a platform for recruiters and job seekers. It funnels the jobs from various job sites and puts them together, so that the users can find the right job, without wasting much time.
You can also see that all the above mentioned categories of jobs are appearing in most of the jobsites.

Keep up with the new trends, and you will have your dream job in no time.

The JobLance Team

Sep 3 10

JobLance: Your One Stop Job Solution

by JobLance

Online jobs are gaining enormous popularity, and there are certainly more than one reason for the same. The global meltdown, the job cuts and the pay cuts, the rising inflation, and the need to add some extra bucks to the wallet, and best of all, the convenience of working from home has made online jobs widely popular.

There are several sites offering a platform for job seekers and the owners, but JobLance is clearly emerging as a winner. Let us quickly see how and why JobLance is gaining popularity amongst several online job sites.

JobLance is the only job portal, that gives you the convenience of finding jobs from various sites such as Scriptlance, (GetAFreelancer), GetACoder, oDesk, vWorker, PHP Classes, EUFreelance, and LinkedIn all at one place. So, when you are at JobLance, there will not be a single opportunity that you will miss out.

For the benefit of the users, the jobs are filtered in two categories, jobs by source, and even by categories. For example, if you are a software programmer with PHP skills, just click on your job category, and all the PHP jobs from various job sites will be displayed in a moment’s time. Alternatively, you can also check the jobs based on the sources.

Since all the jobs advertised in various websites are at one place, you will save valuable time that you would have otherwise wasted in surfing several sites.

And the best of all, you don’t have to pay a dime when you use the convenience of JobLance. The services are offered absolutely free.

But, this is not the only reason, why more and more people are using JobLance. It offers some of the exclusive services such as Job sharing, which helps the job seekers find a job that is best suitable to their talent.

JobLance doesn’t stop at just picking up the jobs from various sources. It goes a step ahead and gives important feedback to the job seekers by way of giving them valuable tips and trends, etc by providing high quality, valuable content on the subject.

So, if you are trying to look out for a particular job, say for example, it explains in detail through the blog, how exactly you improve your chance of finding the right online job for you.

Seeing the growing popularity of JobLance amongst jobseekers, webmasters have requested the developers of this website to directly allow them to post their jobs on this website, and very soon, this feature will be added, which will further help the job seekers.

Easy, friendly, and quality service is the motto of JobLance, and this is the sole reason, why it is emerging as the most popular job site amongst the job seekers all across the globe.

But like a true leader, JobLance is not going to stop just yet. It believes in continuous betterment of services and therefore, its efforts are centralized and channelized to provide its users with more and more services.

Great service is the only reason that is fast pushing JobLance to number one position amongst job seekers, and webmasters alike.

Aug 30 10

JobLance.inFo created its own value today

by JobLance

We  know we still have a long way to go, but we recently analyzed and figured out that we have created good values on our services. JobLance.inFo now receives a good number of visits and pageviews everyday. Here is a screenshot that will depict the improvements since our start.

JobLance.inFo value generated by website value calculator

JobLance.inFo Values

Its only a few months we have started, but the progress indicates that we got visitors attention and the service helping people around the world wide web. We are going to add new features which will definitely  create more values and attentions.

Keep in touch with JobLance.inFo.


Aug 10 10

New Job Source vWorker (RentACoder) Added at JobLance

by JobLance

We recently included vWorker (previously known as RentACoder) jobs / project with our existing ones. There is no doubt that vWorker is another great source of freelance jobs online. You can now check all latest vWorker jobs & projects as soon they are posted in the main source.

Here is a few helpful links for this new job source: – vWorker / RentACoder jobs and projects – RSS Feed for vWorker jobs and projects

We are going to add some more job sources soon.