About JobLance.inFo

JobLance.inFo is a free web service for people those who are looking for freelance jobs and projects online. JobLance.inFo aggregates online job information from all popular and possible sources. Our primary goal is to make the job searching life easier of millions online job seekers around the globe. All kind of freelancers and job seekers looking for jobs in multiple job sources can use this website to see their desired jobs in one place.

JobLance.inFo currently has several important features that help job seekers find online jobs easily and quickly:
  • Job Listing

    JobLance.inFo collects jobs from popular job sources like GetAFreelancer, ScriptLance, GetACoder, oDesk, PHPClasses, EUFreelance, etc. and lists them in appropriate job categories. We have job source filtering option which helps job seekers find their desired jobs quickly. We provide a featured list to show jobs that were listed as featured in their original source. We also provide another list named as "Popular Jobs" to list recent jobs that were viewed most by our visitors.
  • Job Searching

    In JobLance.inFo, suitable jobs can be found putting relevant keywords in the search form. You can then save the search and let other know about your search.
  • Job Sharing

    We provide social links beside/with each job so you can share a job with your friends in social networking websites.
  • Job Feeds

    JobLance.inFo shares latest job information using multiple RSS Feeds: 1) Latest job feeds, 2) Popular job feeds, 3) Featured job feeds, 4) Job feeds by source and 5) Job feeds by category.
Upcoming features:
  • Job Posting

    Beside listing jobs from other sources, JobLance.inFo is trying to launch a job posting feature so that webmasters can post their jobs for free.
  • Advanced Job Listing

    Joblance.inFo is working to list jobs in many other ways to help the job seekers more.
  • Advanced Job Sharing

    JobLance.inFo is working to present an advanced level job sharing feature beside the current social sharing options.