Post Craigslist Ads For Me

Title: Post Craigslist Ads For Me
Source: ScriptLance
Category: Link Posting, Link Building, Article Posting, No escrow, Ads, Craigslist, Classifieds, Posting, Article, Links
Posted On: Fri, 1 Jul 2011 02:50:26 GMT
I am looking for someone who will post ads for me on craigslist. They need to be placed in the for sale section in any state and city. The ads will be for my product and need to be general 2-3 sentence ads. I will be paying $10-$35 for the ads at the end of a week. Please bid and tell me the amount of ads you will be placing. I would like confirmation of the ads you place using excel sheet with urls. I will not be using milestones or escrow, I will pay directly. If you do a good job, I...
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