Entry Level Management- Nashville.

Title: Entry Level Management- Nashville.
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Company Description: Oryx Nashville is the firm handshake and warm smile of corporate America. We breathe life into our clients brands through creating a personal relationship with current and potential customers. Oryx Nashville brings the personal, customized approached, usually reserved for the wealthy and elite, to the everyday customer.

Job Description:

Entry Level Positions Open - Sales and marketing, and management - FULL TRAINING!

Do you find sales, marketing, business, and everything in between interesting?

Do you have the motivation and ambition to build something - but don't know where to start?

Let us train you.

What we do is simple. We work with various Fortune 500 and 100 clients and we provide them with the fully trained sales and marketing representatives that they need to increase their profit margins and their fiscal goals. We teach our team from the ground up, how to run and manage a successful business, from the entry level sales and marketing position all the way team building, office management, and business development.


Let's build something together.


We do not offer door-to-door, telemarketing, or graphic design positions. 



Responsibilities for the entry level Account Manager:

Acquiring quality customers
Creating brand awareness to our client's target audience
Learning, understanding, and then training the sales process
Promotional sales and marketing
Creating a positive buying experience
Understanding up to date product knowledge

We train qualified sales Account Managers in our development program in:

Advanced sales and marketing
Medium to large group public speaking
Leadership development
Team development and management
Time management systems
Office management
Business development

What does Oryx Nashville offer to our growing team?

Friendly, team oriented people
A fast-paced professional environment
Several networking and learning retreats nationally and internationally each year
Public speaking practice in small and large groups
Sales skills
You're not micro-managed
Full hands-on training in sales, marketing, and business
An environment where learning, fun, mistakes, and hard work are necessary
Personal and professional growth and development
Management skills
Learn how to run a business from the ground up
Learn how to develop and enhance your leadership ability

Here at Oryx Nashville we look to our core values to provide out team with a family oriented but fun and fast paced environment. Our culture encourages consistent personal and professional growth. Our mission is to provide our team with the skills, training, and environment where they will flourish.

We are seeking to develop and train new people to help our clients get the customers they need to expand into new markets. We are looking to develop people into the entrepreneurs that will lead that growth.

Our entry level sales and marketing representatives will see themselves progress through the phases of our management training program into the business leaders of tomorrow.





Sales Representatives and Managers Must have outstanding communication skills
Sales Representatives and Managers Must Be self-motivated
Sales Representatives and Managers Maintain a Competitive Mindset
Sales Representatives and Managers Must be willing to work Full Time
Sales Representatives and Managers Must be Success-driven
Sales Representatives and Managers Must possess and Display Leadership Qualities


This is a FULL-TIME, ENTRY-LEVEL position.


Experience is not necessary but any background in the following is a huge plus:


- Customer Service - Retail - Sales - Restaurant - Marketing - Advertising - Public Relations - Management - Shift Lead or Team Lead



























































































































Oryx Nashville is looking for people with skills in: sales, entry level management, sales or account management, retail sales, sales representative, sales, sales rep, top sales rep, top sales representative, sales interests or sales interest, sales associate, full time entry level sales, full time communication, sales techniques, sales and marketing, sales or marketing, sales management or simply sales or management, entry level management, sales assistant manager, assistant manager, sales manager, manager, full time sales or retail floor manager, full time floor manager, full time entry level sales floor management, entry level sales, sales full time and territory manager or full time sales or management.

Oryx Nashville is looking for people with experience in: management, as a manager, sales, marketing, team management, entry level manager, account management, account manager, full time account manager, part time account manager full time management, managing a sales team, full time inside sales, entry level field sales and sales manager, telephone sales, or telephone sales manager, or sales management, IT sales and management, entry level sales, sales analyst, national account manager, software sales manager, retail, medical sales, full time entry level advertising sales, entry level management, full time distribution sales, full time sales management, inside sales, telesales, inside sales, retail sales, entry level inside sales, full time sales management and or marketing management, retail sales management, retail management, retail manager, store manager, location manager, team manager or team management.. Apply now!
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