Application Developer- Lexington.

Title: Application Developer- Lexington.
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Category: Government and Policy, Long-Term
Posted On: 2015-03-15T07:31:26.000-04:00
Company Description: ATSG is a prime government contractor with a stellar reputation, outstanding benefits, and a positive, professional culture.

Job Description:

ATSG is seeking resumes for a Video Application Developer/Integrator with strong C++ and C# skills atMIT Lincoln Laboratoryin Lexington, Massachusettsto join the Informatics and Decision Support team in the Homeland Protection and Air Traffic Control Division.MIT/LL is a federally funded research and development center that applies advanced technology to problems of national security.

Experienced technical professionals at MIT Lincoln Laboratory have the opportunity to work with unique experimental systems in the field, as well as conduct laboratory investigations and theoretical studies, ranging from fundamental component development to complex system engineering, programming and administration. Candidates are encouraged to ensure that their resume clearly outlines each of the qualifications for this position.

The candidate will help to integrate a set of core services (related to computational resource management and job scheduling) with existing utilities for video data retrieval and video analytics processing. The ability to quickly learn the functionality of existing C++ and C# source code components is critical, as is the ability to re-structure that code to integrate with software development kit (SDK) or web service interfaces as needed. The candidate will be expected to work effectively with a small team of other software engineers and algorithm developers over the coming years to deliver a prototype system (in phases), robust enough to work well in operational deployments. Good productivity and independent problem-solving skills are a must.

Essential Qualifications:

MS with 8 yrs of experience or PhD with 5 yrs of experience in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or equivalent field.
C++, Managed C++ (C++/CLR), and C# experience
Web Service (HTTP/JSON, SOAP) experience
Database experience (PostgreSQL, MSSQL, or similar)
Must be a U.S. citizen with the ability to obtain and maintain a DoD security clearance

Preferred Qualifications:

Solr, Elastic Search, or other similar search indexing systems
CouchBase, MongoDB, Neo4J, or other similar non-traditional database systems
Protocol Buffers, Thrift, or other similar distributed messaging systems - Kerberos, OAuth, or other similar distributed authentication and authorization systems
Proficiency with debuggers/debugging tools (i.e. Visual Studio debugger, GDB, wireshark)
Knowledge of video codecs and streaming protocols (RTSP, etc)

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, our applicants and employees are protected from discrimination. Visit more information.

MLL-15-36. Apply now!
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