Visual Designer- San Jose.

Title: Visual Designer- San Jose.
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Category: Advertising/ Marketing/ Public Relations, Long-Term
Posted On: 2015-03-08T07:27:54.000-04:00
Company Description: At WJP Studio, we directly collaborate with our clients in every medium, and at every phase of a project to lead and architect visions, create powerful brand identity, and tell uniquely engaging stories. We are a tight-knit group with a vast network of talent in design, technology, film, photography, fashion, music, and fine art. We work with start-ups, artists, influencers, and established brands in the web, mobile, and physical spaces.

Job Description:

Job Summary

Visual Designers will be working on projects for some of the biggest and most innovative media projects online. These are major consumer facing websites, so they need to have experience with large-scale projects in e-commerce, digital media, advertising and more--our clients are as varied as can be, and Visual Designers need to be able to move from one project to the next without missing a beat. Our team is excited to push themselves while they're here and grow quickly; we want people who are ready to soak up as much from this environment as they contribute with amazing design. WJP Studio produces stunning work; our team challenges themselves at all times to top the bar. The ability to contribute ideas and execute the ideas of others quickly and competently is key. We're looking for multifaceted, collaborative designers to work on everything from full website rebuilds to global marketing. This is an opportunity to define and reinvent the digital space, and a passion for doing just that is critical--we want people who believe in their skills and their perspective and are ready to bring that awesomeness to these projects.


o Strong conceptual thinking. Designers are expected to not just flawlessly execute teammates' ideas but also be a part of the initial creative process.

o A healthy design background: Some years of interactive experience (preferably agency experience), an intimate knowledge of industry tools, and solid understanding of designing intuitive site functionality, interaction, site architecture, user interfaces, and navigation.

o The ability to both work autonomously and as part of a team -- you'll need to do both here, so we want need people who can get their marching orders and go as well as communicate and collaborate.

o Leadership skills. Our designers have the opportunity -- and responsibility -- to come up with great ideas and work with junior designers to see them through to the finish.


Motivated, hands-on front-end web development skills. Responsible for building, testing, debugging, and troubleshooting clean, web standards compliant code and work with server-side developers to integrate this into the final product.

o Proven knowledge of JavaScript frameworks (jQuery, Backbone, Angular, Closure, NodeJS, etc)
o Experience translating comps and wireframes into semantically correct web templates
o Knowledge of responsive and adaptive design principles and translating into fluid and responsive templates
o Strong working knowledge developing cross platform/browser compatibility (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.) for dynamic web applications
o Familiarity with and adherence to web standards and best practices for load time reduction and accessibility
o Knowledge of SEO best practices
o Experience with source/version control software is a plus e.g.: GIT & SVN
o Effective verbal and written communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of people
o Familiarity with Django, PHP, Drupal, .NET is a plus

Loves logic and problem solving!

Please include a link to your online portfolio with a brief explanation as to why you are best suited for this position, in order to be considered.. Apply now!
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