Movie Extras Wanted. Great Pay. Full Time / Part Time Jobs Available. Hiring Now in Wauseon, OH.

Title: Movie Extras Wanted. Great Pay. Full Time / Part Time Jobs Available. Hiring Now in Wauseon, OH.
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Posted On: 2014-12-16T07:13:24.000-05:00
MOVIE EXTRAS WANTED - Earn up to $300/Day! Work on TV and Film. All looks welcome, no experience needed to start, flexible schedule. We are currently hiring in your area. APPLY TODAY! Start Date: Immediate. WORK HOURS: Flexible schedule (Part-time or Full-time Hours available). JOB PURPOSE: As a Movie Extra (Background Actor), you will be working on a Film or TV production to help creating scenes on the set which seems like a real environment. THE ROLE: As background actor or extra you will perform in a film, TV show, musical or ballet production in a non-speaking, non-singing or non-dancing capacity with the purpose to create busy environment on the set. Perform a stand-in for film and television for the famous actor before filming, for technical purposes such as lighting. YOU ARE: Imaginative, Punctual, Reliable, Able to take directions, Friendly, Outgoing and Upbeat. You always have a positive and welcoming attitude towards peers and colleagues. Flexible. REQUIRED MINIMUM KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS & ABILITIES: No formal education required. English Language and minimal literacy is advantageous. Customer service knowledge is advantageous. Must be over 18 years of age. ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Depending on the production Casting Directors may also look for background actors with a special skill for the scene, such as rollerblading, or dancing, singing. Or from certain skillset/ industry such as: advertising, art, photography, journalism, broadcasting, radio, tv, consulting, cleaning, education, teaching, administration, airport, entertainment, hospitality, hotel, insurance, packaging, sales, marketing, manufacturing, telecommunications, transportation, retail, customer service, call center, construction, event planning, pharmacy, hospitality, technology, staffing, restaurant, railroad, hospital, factory, fitness, cleaning, day care, food service, medical. As well as people from certain occupations: Account Manager, Admin Assistant, Bartender, Cashier, Cook, Courier, Driver, Inventory, Manager, Material Handler, Medical Assistant, Merchandise, Nurse, Secretary, Security, Stocker, Technical, Truck Driver, Welder, Warehouse Worker. No matter what type of film - action and adventure, drama, comedy, romance, science fiction or horror - all will need dozens if not hundreds of movie extras. So Apply Today!
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