quick translation Arabic->English

Title: quick translation Arabic->English
Source: Elance
Category: Writing & Translation, Arabic English Translation
Keywords: Writing & Translation, Arabic English Translation
Posted On: Thu, 04 Sep 2014 03:35:31 EDT
2 short 1 page memos for basic translation. We don't need it certified, just want to be a able to read it in English. Some parts of the documents already have dual English translated (title's and signatures).

Category: Writing & Translation > Arabic English Translation
Type and Budget: Hourly (Less than $10 / hr)
Time Left: 14 d, 23 h (Ends Sep 19, 2014 03:35 am ET)
Start Date: Sep 4, 2014
Proposals: 0
Client Info: 6 jobs posted, 67% awarded, $553 total purchased, Payment Method Verified
Client Location: , United Arab Emirates
Preferred Job Location: NotApp, NotApp, NotApp
Desired Skills: English Translation Arabic
Job ID: 61768331
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