Creating a prototype of the Digitally connected home of the future

Title: Creating a prototype of the Digitally connected home of the future
Source: oDesk
Category: Software Development, Application Interface Design
Posted On: Wed, 11 Dec 2013
We are interested in finding likeminded potential business partners for an upcoming project where we are tasked to create interactive environments for home and family use. I hold a BA in Interaction design and my clients are interested in pushing the limits as to what can be done with Automation, Sensors, Ardunio, Leap Motion, IFTTT, API's, Web Services etc and other similar technology to start exploring a rollout of a next generation home.

This is a Pie Brain Job. In that we must create a small team of creative thinkers but technology executioners that can help envision the end results and work backwards from there to deliver a great end solution. Brainstorming and wiki style collaboration will be involved and we really hope to find some great minds to contribute to this very interesting project.

So let us hear from you! Tell us about you!
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