"SendThought" App

Title: "SendThought" App
Source: oDesk
Category: Software Development, Application Interface Design
Posted On: Mon, 09 Dec 2013
I wish to develop an App for All Mobile Phones
To send a quick message on your cell phone (Send A Quick Thought).

Two Steps To send Message.

1. Go to Icon (SendThought) and 2. Go to Contact to send a Text or to send a pre-recorded Voice M.essage ("I am thinking of you")

You can edit this "Thought" (Or Message) or you can select pre-Texted Message from "Thought Bank".

This Message App will connect to other phones by way of Internet.

Things To Do for Developer

1. Native Mobile App.....Send Me A "SendThought" Voice Message" and send me a Text Message
(I have a Trac Phone and I don't have an App).

App must work on Internet calling Service with Cross-Platform Apps.

2. The messages are sent via the Internet (wifi and/or user data plans).

3. Will the name of Sender show on "SendThought" messages?

4. subscriptions Cost $2.00 per year to Download...You can use your cell phone to signup in one (1) minute max.

5. You Cannot Send Photos or Video Messages on "SendThought"...You can only Receive or Send Text or Voice Messages.

6. You Do Not Respond To "SendThought" Messages (Instead of sending a Post Card....Send A Though)!!!
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