Applications counter for my website

Title: Applications counter for my website
Source: oDesk
Category: Software Development, Application Interface Design
Posted On: Tue, 26 Nov 2013
We are an Auto loan business service that receives loan applications online, we want to increase the amount of people interested in applying for a loan, for this we want to create a Web counter that will let us know and the public how many applications were submitted per day and how many were left.

Example: using a square counter in the website with on the left the amount of applications submitted per day and in the right side the amount of applications left in RED. Once the last application was submitted a message should appear, saying, we're sorry, but only " x " amount are permitted per day due to a high volume of deals. Please submit your email to receive a notification on " xx/xx/xx" starting at 9:00 am .... Please be advice that only "x" amount will be considered for the program, we appreciate your understanding and welcome to our Family

This application should be linked to our finance portal in order to know how many applications were submitted per day, also i would recommend visiting our website to understand better our platform
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