Nebel.TV TeaserApp GUI Mockup and Design

Title: Nebel.TV TeaserApp GUI Mockup and Design
Source: oDesk
Category: Software Development, Application Interface Design
Posted On: Wed, 20 Nov 2013
I urgently need the professional GUI designer which is able to mockup (e.g. using Balsamiq) and further implement it in PSDs graphic files suitable to be implemented in Android mobile application.

The application will resemble of YouTube App from Google, but it should be connected to display entries available here:

NOTE! The task goes beyond graphic design, it also requires UI usability & Android UI guidelines awareness plus fair understanding of data structures. If you were not sure what I'm talking about, do not apply!

There are some predesigned materials attached which you should follow in your work. So not that much of creativity freedom here.

My inputs as follows:
- general information on the application, it UI structure and use cases
- which information to be displayed

Your output:
- UI mock up using Balsamiq (unless you absolutely sure about other tool)
- Once confirmed graphical implementation which is easy to translate into HTML later (some JS animations is possible)
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