Market Research Roses Market

Title: Market Research Roses Market
Source: oDesk
Category: Business Services, Business Consulting
Posted On: Tue, 19 Nov 2013
Market Research for world wide roses market. Sizing of the market, with preferably historical trend, per geography. Identification of key trends in the market for rose growers.

I am working for a Dutch private equity fund. For one of our portfolio companies (manufacturing of sorting machines) we are considering an entry in the market to deliver rose grading machines.

Nice to haves are:
- Any information which could be found on capital goods investments in this sector
- If data is available on split between " big bud" roses and smaller rose
- Any insight on moving of Dutch rose growers to other geographies

A self starting market research professional is required for this job.

Output should be a short document (powerpoint) with the conclusions and data. It is not required to spend much time on excellent formatting here. Content and speed is most important.
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