WMV and/or MP4 file creation

Title: WMV and/or MP4 file creation
Source: oDesk
Category: Software Development, Application Interface Design
Posted On: Sat, 09 Nov 2013
We have a webinar solution that works similar to WebEx or GoToMeeting. Our application is 100% flash-based. We already have the ability to record our events into a pripriatary format on our servers but we do not have the means to create a WMV or MP4 format. We are getting some customers that are requesting these files types but it requires us to use Camtasia either during or after the live event, which requires HUMAN interaction.

I am looking for someone to program a simple web-based (prefered) or PC based recorder that would capture a portion of our webinar screen (our webinar room is broken up into modules and we would want to capture the video and the audio from the main PowerPoint/screen share area view this URL as an example of one of our on-demand events. In this example we would want you to ONLY capture the area where the PowerPoint is shown. http://www2.ibtalk.net/presentation/webinar/E1383332484/ond The format of our events is consistant meaning the layout never changes. The way I see this working is when we start a live event, we would engage your program that would load our webinar from the attendees, perspective and be set to automatically capture the PowerPoint area of the screen...with audio. The program would need to encode the video/audio into either a MP4 or a WMV file (or both).
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