Social Media Poster

Title: Social Media Poster
Source: oDesk
Category: Software Development, Application Interface Design
Posted On: Thu, 07 Nov 2013
System for posting to Facebook
Basic requirements
1. have a way to allow only active subscribers to use the system - can be web based or desktop.
2. log in to facebook account - single account only
3. extract groups and display
4. allow selection of groups to post
5. save groups for future posts
6. have area to up load a picture
7. have area to add text
8. ability to save posts for re-use
9. post to groups after completing above steps but with a delay between each post of at least 30 seconds (allow to set delay between 30 seconds and 2 minutes)
10. delay of at least 5 mins after making 30 posts (allow settings between 5 mins and 30 mins)
1. ability for user to add more facebook accounts
2. ability to post message to friends
3. ability to set to post every 24 hours with selected ad
1. show likes from people on a post made
2. show comments from people on a post made
3. ability to send a message to people who comment or like
4. ability to save message to send
5. ability to set to autorespond to likes and/or comments
6. ability to see groups that have over 20 posts since post made by system and to repost to those groups
It is possible that Facebook will log out a user and request log in again often with capcha and change of password - if this occurs obviously posting will stop and user should be alerted that action is needed.
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