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Title: Life Coach
Source: oDesk
Category: Business Services, Business Consulting
Posted On: Sat, 06 Jul 2013

Currently, I am looking for a visionary who is not in my business, home, or occupation, yet can help me see my potential and dreams and hold me accountable to staying on track. I have multiple projects, a job and tend to be a big picture creative thinker that gets distracted with everyday tasks.

I am looking for:

One who can work with me initially hearing all the projects and tasks I am working on in my life, be it both business and personal, down to the basic daily chores and daily routines.

Help me set my goals, define them clearly and choose action steps and timelines, then hold me responsible on a phone calls a few days to see completion of tasks and ensure I am doing my daily tasks needed.

One who can tell the truth, respectful confrontation telling me what I need to hear if needed.

A thought-provoker, asking questions have to answer, a catalyst for your self-insight.

The occasional "devil's advocate" who offers another perspective for my consideration.

One who is kind and wants to make a difference in the world.

Thank you so much!

I look forward to finding an amazing friend and mentor to help me.
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