Need A Penny Auction.but With Modifications To It.

Title: Need A Penny Auction.but With Modifications To It.
Source: ScriptLance
Category: Auction, eBay, Modification, Penny, Penny Auction, Security, Swedish
Posted On: Sun, 17 Jun 2012 16:31:17 GMT

I need a pennyauction site, BUT you need to modify 2-3 things.

1: Admin can set the length of an auction, Example 14 days, 2 days etc.

2: When admin "Adds" a new item, we can choose what the raise will be for each bid(on this item), Example. I add a item, and i put it for 500, and i want the raise for each bid to be 50, so next bid will be 550, etc. So no "penny"

The raises will be:

3: users will register and bid as usual, BUT there will not be any Bid packa...
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