Javascript Guru Or Genius Needed Asap

Title: Javascript Guru Or Genius Needed Asap
Source: ScriptLance
Category: ActionScript 3, Flash, Flash Player, Flash Video, Flex, Game, Javascript, Multimedia, Video
Posted On: Thu, 7 Jun 2012 06:56:51 GMT
Immediately looking to replicate the following JavaScript File EXACTLY in a manner consistent to where it would work on our own website / server. (see attached: We love the way that this file is setup from the vars fade in and out (lines 65-72) to the autostart features (muted or non-muted) as shown on lines 146-158. Please see line 125 in reference in how we will be setting up the video URL string.
THE MAIN MANDATORY REQUIREMENT OF THIS PROJECT IS: That All files must be configured in a manner...
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