Penny Auction Website Design And Development - 1

Title: Penny Auction Website Design And Development - 1
Source: ScriptLance
Category: .NET, Ajax, ASP, Auction, Automation, Bug, Bug Fixing, Clone, CMS, Contact Form, CSS, Customization, Design, Editing, Facebook, Google, Graphic Design, Integration, Java, Javascript, Joomla, JSP, Logo Design, Marketing, Meta Tags, Modification, Optimization, Payment Gateway, Penny, Penny Auction, Perl/CGI, PHP, Plugin, Programming, Search Engine, Search Engine Optimization, Security, Social Networking, SQL, Support, System Administration, Template, Twitter, Visual Basic, Web Hosting, Website Design, Writing, XHTML, XML
Posted On: Thu, 17 May 2012 14:01:00 GMT
WARNING: Please note that only expert who has the commitment to fulfill my requirement within the deadline can bid for the project. No excuses will be accepted for the project delayed. If you don't understand my requirement, please let me know and I will explain to you one by one.

I would like to have a penny auction website which can be run run smoothly and very attractive and bright. I would also prefer if the winner could create a flash graphical video for the main page demonstrating how t...
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