Godaddy Auction Tool

Title: Godaddy Auction Tool
Source: ScriptLance
Category: Auction, Backlinks, Data Scraping, Google, GUI, Links, MySQL, PageRank, Security
Posted On: Sat, 28 Apr 2012 16:50:13 GMT
-website data scraping
-FTP data scraping
-Licensing (MYSQL)
-Security (stop cracking/null)

I attached the GUI.

I want to use Godaddy's FTP (ftp://auctions (at) to scrape and list domains in my tool, then analyze each domain, by gather data from websites around the internet.
All data is provided by Godaddy's FTP except:
-Google Page Rank
-Indexed Pages

It should be desktop based. C# preferably, but you can choose language.

Good luck biddin...
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