Art - 3d Artist Needed - Multiple Low Poly Models

Title: Art - 3d Artist Needed - Multiple Low Poly Models
Source: ScriptLance
Category: 3D Model, 3DS Max, Artist
Posted On: Sun, 15 Jan 2012 16:01:16 GMT
I need a set of weapons made in 3D format made in maya or 3DSmax, or anything that can exp fbx or obj formats. I can provide u a basic human model for scale reference if you like.

-6 Staves
-6 Long swords
-6 short swords
-6 shields
-6 bows
-6 Large axes
-6 Small axes
-6 wands

They should be low poly models consisting of around 100-800 polygons ea.
The weapons should progress 1-6 from basic to high detail. And the style would be similar to world of warcraft or if you want to get a l...
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