Quick Actionscript 3 Help 2

Title: Quick Actionscript 3 Help 2
Source: ScriptLance
Category: ActionScript 3, ActionScript, Quick
Posted On: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 18:48:05 GMT
I need to fix the following code... function getLog(mes,nickname) { var logText: TextField = new TextField(); var dat:Date = new Date(); var minz:String=new String(dat.getMinutes()); if (minz.length==1) minz="0"+minz; logText.htmlText+="<b>"+dat.getHours()+":"+minz+": </b>"; switch (mes){ case "enterChat": var str:String = "bannerad" var index:int = str.indexOf(nickname); if(index != -1){ logText.htmlText+="<b>"+nickname+"</b>"+translationXML.perfo...
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